Concept Augmented reality social network app
Platform Android
Tools Android Studio, Android SDK (version 16), Google Firebase
Duration October to December 2017 (3 months)
Team Maxime Brodat, Esia Belbachir
Context UQAC mobile platforms course
Boardeo screenshots

Project goal

The main goal for this course was to understand three big properties that today's smartphones allow, and implement one of them:

Application concept

For this application, we decided to develop some kind of social network where users can consult virtual bulletin boards. Boardeo users can subscribe to their favorite/usual boards, and thus being informed of new content on their subscriptions.

We conceived this application as a way for professional companies and smaller structures to easily communicate with their subscribers. For example, a store can setup its own board in order, for regular customers, to receive promotions. Another example we had in mind was for communities, like buildings inhabitants, to share easily information between each others.

We received a lot of positive opinions from other course participants about this idea. All this input validated our concept, and then set the development in motion.

Agile methodology and organization

Since this project came at the same time as Undruidic Championship, we decided to follow the Agile methodology, especially the Scrum method. At the beginning of the project, we spent some time on the priority definition, in order to focus on the core features of the app. We discovered in a project management course the MoSCoW method, and since it suited our needs, we decided to use it. It made us focus on the most important tasks first, in order to speed up the development process. We also had daily runnable builds to monitor the progress of the app conception.

Boardeo screenshots

My job and feedback

This project, being a first experience in Android app development, teached me a lot:

  • discovery of Android application development with the Android SDK, Android Studio, and Google Firebase;
  • application of newly acquired knowledge about ways to really use the potential of smartphones;
  • conception of a fully functioning social networking app.